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Fiscal Outlook Report


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1° Semestre

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The Fiscal Outlook Report presents forecasts for the main Central Government fiscal variables in a 10-year horizon. The report provides disaggregated estimates for primary revenues and expenditures, as well as for Central Government and Public Sector primary balances, and scenarios for Brazilian public debt, especially for the General Government Gross Debt (GGGD) and Public Sector Net Debt (PSND) concepts.
The document also provides debt sensitivity and sustainability analyses and forecasts for their main determinants (borrowing requirements and interests).


This Fiscal Outlook Report is a new publication by the National Treasury Secretariat aiming to share relevant reflections for a better understanding of Brazil’s Central Government and Public Sector current and expected public finance outlook. With this purpose, it intends to expose the subject in a simple and accessible way, allowing evaluations that could foster public debate on the trajectory and sustainability of government accounts.

This Report consolidates the previous Brazilian Public Debt Forecasts Report with disaggregated projections for Central Government primary revenues and expenditures for a 10-year period. Projections for states’ and municipalities’ and federal state enterprises’ primary balances are also supplied to support estimates for the main government debt indicators. All scenarios presented are based on the macroeconomic scenario provided by the Secretariat of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Economy (SPE/ME).

Fiscal Outlook Report - 2022 No. 1 - 06/29/2022

The Fiscal Outlook Report incorporated the Brazilian Public Debt Forecasts Report, maintaining its biannual periodicity.